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We are the best tow truck company in San Antonio and we want to be able to help you with your issues. We are a 24 hr tow company here in the city and we would love to earn your business.  
     We hope that you do not break down and that your situation is a simple fix. That way you are not out of pocket that much. The great news is that we will work with you to help you submit your claim to your insurance.

All you need is the receipt from us. With that your insurance company will be able to refund you for the tow service. With using us we have the hook up at repair shops in San Antonio and other cities if need be. That is a probably one of the best things that you get from working with us. The other benefit is that you get some of the best pricing in town. We are able to partner with other sister towing companies here in San Antonio. 
     That said you might be price shopping and end up with the same person answering the phone since we work with a couple other companies and at times put our phone numbers into the same answering pool of calls. Let me be honest here. If the phone does not get answered the first time give us another ring. We try and call back as soon as possible but if by chance we do not call back or answer it could be do to our trucks being down. 
     We are sorry for this when it happens. It does happen due to the trucks having issues from repeated use and at times loads that might not have been the best to tow. This could happen from you the client saying that you have a car in a situation and need a tow.
     We show up and you are in a bad situation that requires us to put our trucks in a bad situation to be your hero. You do not pay for that due to the truck not breaking at that moment. The break could come weeks later and we have to fix our truck.
     That said allow us to be your go to Tow Truck proving 24 hour towing services to you through out San Antonio!

      Give us a call at 
and let us take care of you and help you in your time of need. Thanks in advance for trusting us with your car, truck or RV.

       Just an FYI when you call we will ask you what kind of car or truck you have and if it is all wheel drive or not. Then we will ask about the tire if they are flat or have issues. Then we will ask where your located and then to where you need the car taken to. 
      That might not all be in that order but that is the information that we need. This will allow us to know if you need a flat bed or not to do the tow. If you do require that type of tow truck and ours is out of commission we will let you know. 
      That way you can contact another company. One of the things that would be wise is to ask us what company would be able to help you. Ask us also if there are any that you should not call. We can assist usually with that also. 

What are some common reasons that we would need and want a tow truck in San Antonio? That is what this section going to cover. Some of the reasons is:

- Your car or truck breaks down in San Antonio
- Your car or truck over heats in San Antonio's heat in the summer
- Your engine light comes on and you do not want to mess up your car so you tow it to your local shop to get it looked at
- You blow your tire on your car or truck in San Antonio and need help with towing because your spare is not there or not working
- You need a tow because you ran out of gas and you do not have road side assistance. 
- You were texting and not paying attention and hit something with your car and it will not drive anymore.
- You were playing on your phone a game or checking emails or Facebook.
- You are board and want someone to come see you and talk to you.

​     These are all reasons why drivers in San Antonio need a tow truck to help them with either their car or truck. There might be a few others that did not make the list but this shows the big issues of why a tow truck is needed here in San Antonio.

Now that we all know these things it is good for you to call us and allow us to help you with your towing needs. If it is the last bullet just make sure to let us know that you want your car to travel wherever you want even if it is around the block so you have someone to talk with for that period of time.

     Hey San Antonio! We at Bob's 24-hour tow truck want to let you know we have a heart and we really do care about all the stuff that is happening in the world right now.

All the acts of terror that are occurring and the devastation that’s occurring from the hurricanes also that hit’s touches our hearts. We know people and places that have been ruined and lives changed for forever either with the loss of a life or the loss of a house and all the possessions that went along with the house.

We just wanted to let you all know if this has affected you our hearts are with you and if you need a little prayer said we would be happy to pray for you. We care! 

We love you San Antonio!​​​​​​​

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